Lynchburg Treasure Hunt

Updated: Jan 6

Lynchburg Treasure Hunt is a brand new bin store in Lynchburg, Virginia. I first created their logo with the client's preferred color scheme and design in mind. I then built several graphics to include a cover page with store hours and daily bin prices, a map with store address, phone number, and store hours. I also entirely created their website and have written blogs using search engine optimization techniques that helped get their website to the #3 spot on Google.

Just before their grand opening, I wrote a press release and emailed it to several of their local newspapers and news stations. Two of them picked up the story and gave them so much coverage that there was a line wrapped around the building and down the street on opening day before doors opened.

It even became the #1 trending story on the newspaper's website.

Now that they are open

Every day I create graphics to promote their growing business. I engage with customers who comment on posts, respond to messages and reviews, and help the owners come up with ideas to get customers in the door. One idea was for #nationaluglychristmassweaterday. I created a graphic with ugly Christmas sweaters that said if customers wore them into the store they would get 50 cents off each bin item. One customer saved over $35 just by wearing her ugly Christmas sweater!

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